Jump over the Big Water

By on 6 August 2016

Here I am! After 9 hours in sky I’m in hug with Jesus! That was incredible fly πŸ™‚ First 9 (!) security controls (after I heard that Royal Air Maroc airlines are famous because of act of terrorist), than high-five with representation of Sierra Leone witch want to win theirs gold medals. On board completely mess – someone had two tickets for the same sit, in central part passengers had problems with personal multimedia screens, crew had a dirty shirts. And I sat next to broken window! But you can forgot about everything when you eat meal in sky and watch Casablanca πŸ™‚




I met my host Flavio and Marcelo other volunteer with who I’m gonna stay together in house. After crazy ride in BRT (quick – should be – busses transport) and we are in home. Asa Branca – small community which live in guided area. Poverty is spilling out on the streets (literally) but because is fulfill of music, burble of kids, talks and sometime with sound of old diesel I’m felling here amazing! There is no drugs, everybody knows each other so if someone strange will come everybody know that.


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The same was with me but in shop (which is also a community centre, disco (they play music from speaker made from old garbage can), cafe I employment agency) I met young wolfs (good kids, if they have lucky they can be a good persons) and old guard which can send someone to meet real Jesus. Few control questions – about my cash, for how long I want to stay here – but after high-five with boss they accepted me πŸ˜€





Because I’m in City of God resembling me army choppers over my head which are milling sounds of music, army on the streets and police controls. Because somewhere there, on colorful and on first view calm hills pulse favelas, and everything what is bad there flooding streets. I was here only 24 hours but when we came back by bus with cash which we exchanged, I saw how some thief from street just jumped on wheel of our bus and tried to grabbed through window Flavio’s mobile phone!

It’s only beginning, this city is exceptional on Brazilian map so I need to bite it πŸ™‚ Greetings from other side of Big Water!