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Hitchhiking across South America. What and how, where and for how much.

By on 15 October 2017

International airport El Dorado in heart of Bogota. It’s 22:53. Body of iron bird, which gonna take me over Darien Gap (160km of virgin jungle) gonna take off tomorrow…


Explore South America with Backpack: Hitchhiking in Brazil

By on 18 November 2016

Slowly, step by step, I’m leaving one Ay (Paraguay) to go to another Ay (Uruguay) 🙂 I’m reaching next coutries and didn’t prepare movie from Brazil – since now…


Brazilian Chicago

By on 28 September 2016

Propably you can’t find place in Brazil without polish signs. But in Curitiba there is even to much of them. Live here around 85000 to 300000 people with polish…



By on 19 September 2016

From Ilha Grande where track me something who looks like a giant animal and 6 types of rains I run very very fast. I left animal on the Island…


Ilha Grande or 106 beaches, 7 bays and 1 lake in tent

By on 10 September 2016

Here I go! First farewell with girls whose through all that time gave me a home. Rita and Jeni – two amazing women who was like a women for…


City of God without God

By on 5 September 2016

In City of God I spend month. Probably even year here is not enough to know that city but I saw it from different than tourist side. City Center…


Ouro Preto. Place where God went on holiday.

By on 3 September 2016

I started choked. Again. I came here to find oxygen and another time world was overwhelmed me. I needed to move out from City of God where nobody saw…


Bigos or how I found piece of Poland in Brazil

By on 21 August 2016

It’s obvious that In Rio was much more than Olympic Games. Also true is that after work I only dreamed about bed 🙁 But because I already made few…


Mission: Volunteer World

By on 16 August 2016

Dream come true! I had a mission to voluntary world and always I watched Olympics Games in TV. Now I’m part of it! But how I could work on…


Let the show begin!

By on 10 August 2016

Finally I have time to write something. First opening of Olympics. That’s obvious that I hadn’t tickets to Maracana (probably I need to sell my kidney to buy it)…