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Hitchhiking across South America. What and how, where and for how much.

By on 15 October 2017

International airport El Dorado in heart of Bogota. It’s 22:53. Body of iron bird, which gonna take me over Darien Gap (160km of virgin jungle) gonna take off tomorrow…


Explore Polynesia with Backpack: Easter Island

By on 24 April 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Here it is – new product of my imagination, shaking hand, poor equipment and small knowledge how to edit movie. But how You…


Through wine, stars and desert. Part 2

By on 23 April 2017

Antofagasta is biggest city on north of Chile. However, besides really nice main square and harbor offers absolutely nothing. Maybe few pickpockets who stole my cellphone in bus when…


Through wine, stars and desert. Part 1

By on 20 April 2017

From Santiago I went like from sling. Almost because in bus doors pinch me and I couldn’t went on that bus stop where I wanted 😀 That night I…


In hitchhiking plow to Santiago

By on 30 March 2017

From Puerto Montt with huge wave of people from city who wanted to feel a little bit of nature, I came to Puerto Varas. Everybody told me that lake…


Easter Island on sale

By on 20 March 2017

My adventure with Island of Big Heads ended almost in same moment when started because… I oversleep! Finally I truly understand Kevin’s parents, because when I run from home…


Pirates of the Chile: Secret of Blueberry Island

By on 22 February 2017

That wasn’t so easy to leave La Junta. Maybe because main road is closing for few hours every day. But finally I went first with road engineer and couple…


Carretera Austral. Road of hitchhiker’s thumbs.

By on 8 February 2017

I’m here almost 7 months but still I can’t understand only fictional lines witch are dividing south America table for countries. Border between Chile and Argentina is only then…