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Before rain under panamanian thatch

By on 3 December 2017

17.11.2017 Aguadulce. 6km /// 220,56km
I wake up before sunrise. With brick and piece of metal which I found before, I open last canned food, drink some water from canister,…


First days on side road

By on 26 November 2017

6.11.2017, Ciudad de Panama, Bridge of Americas, 13,33km.
I need to move. After month in hostel where I worked is not so easy to start once again bite dust of…


It’s end with hitchhiking. I start to walk!

By on 12 November 2017

“You are insane” I hear voice in my head. I’m thinking about countries of Central America, about what people on south told me about them and what I know…

Colombia Panama

Steeplechase from Colombia to Panama

By on 28 October 2017

I rolled into Bogota like a new king. Everything because my driver put whole his huge speakers inside cars on full power, and he changed our car in mobile…