High five with Jesus

By on 6 August 2016

Listen, so many things is happening here that it’s difficult to write it down. We smarten oneself up and started systematical rides to different parts of Rio. In Friday evening we went to La Plata – part of Centrum famous of the most wonderful parties in whole city. La Lapa is fulfilled not only by sea of alcohol, fumes of marihuana but also creative ferment because it’s a bohemians quarter. Absolutely every meter of walls is painted in graffiti, guys are selling theirs handicraft and other who are trying to sell his ideas. A lot of shops, cafes and streets musicians. And stairs! You want to go up and down because nowewhere else you can’t find something similar. What’s happened in mind of artist from Chile who is responsible for that small miracle is mystery. Every step (and even walls!) are tiled! And you can’t find two similar tiles. There’re faces of religion leaders and famous people, cities views, product commercials, logos of sport clubs, some clever words in different languages. Even the biggest offer of builder’s shop is nothing comparing to that street 🙂







When we passed by the street we realized that our legs are moving in rhythm of drums. Wide opened technical doors of some club, inside drummers and singers are making incredible things, and whole street dancing! There we met incredible Veronica, Irving and Lucas. And the evening made on his own. First dancing on the street, then we went to bar where we tried a strange drink from Amazonia. I tried only a small sup but even that paralyzed my tonque and lips!!! Probably if I tried to drink all that could paralyze my thoughts. We took some other people and together we went to see sunset on rock.




It’s obvious that to be in Rio, and to not see a Jesus, is like to be on moon and do not look on Earth. There’re three ways to take a high-five with him – by train, bus or just by walk. I feared that the same like in Gibraltar I will transform in gasped and I chugged locomotive when I will try to climb up (and maybe in some moment they will couple up trolleys) with closed eyes I paid 68 reales and went up in van. On top welcome you few soldiers, a lot of crams with tourist crap, hundreds funs of Instagram and one Jesus who constantly welcome whole world with open arms (it’s characteristic than behind him there is one from favelas). There is amazing view on whole Rio (maybe because from that perspective you can’t see all poverty and criminality), but even more amazing is view of tourists who’s trying to take a picture with Jesus 😀





Also I wanted to feel just a little bit like a petty capitalist so I went to Copacabana to drink frozen coconut 😀 beautiful girls, big waves, music, boulevard fulfilled by runners and guys on rolls dancing with sounds of disco from 70’. Now I know why people can spend whole bag of cash to be here 🙂



And why is good to wear clothes from Woodstock Festival. Because of that t-shirts I met: I met second Brazilian who was on Woodstock Festival in Poland, wonderful women … who lived here 8 years and worked as tourist guide. That was really nice meeting 🙂 Big hug once again and good luck with your painting. And 2 students of medicine from Poland and theirs friend from France, who took students practice in Brazil. And that’s all because of one t-shirt 😀