October 2016


How I became paraguayan driver, redneck and miller

By on 31 October 2016

I wanted to went from sunny Asuncion (do you know that Asuncion is most hot capital city in whole world? I don’t know that it’s true or not but…


Asuncion. Antituristic Capital.

By on 21 October 2016

To Asuncion I went like a prince, on back of pick-up, with beers and cookies. I put down my staff, quick found a place to sleep on hospital parking…


Indiana Jones and Lost Nazi City

By on 16 October 2016

All right things are seriously – I founded Lost Nazi City!!! Where Am I?! Everybody around me speaks in german language, and I buying rolls in corner of Rudolf…


Wild West in Paraguay

By on 11 October 2016

Exactly 370km from Asuncion on the trail (because I can’t name it road) from Concepcion to Pozo Colarado is a real Wild West. I came there by accident, my…


“Tranquilo, you are in Paraguay”

By on 6 October 2016

That was time to say goodbye to coffee Brazil and welcome world capital of mate – Paraguay. To border (or rather 3 borders because in Foz do Iguacu meet…