December 2016


In Buenos Aires real tango you can dance only on roofs

By on 16 December 2016

From Uruguayan border to Buenos (or more to his suburbs because around Aires like a mushrooms grown a lot of small cities) I went in quick time with two…


Uruguayan Steppenwolf. Step 3

By on 7 December 2016

To Montevideo I came with old Uruguayan socialist whose bold head was covering by hat with Che Guevara pins. He told me about justice, class struggle, and on the…


Uruguayan Steppenwolf. Step 2.

By on 6 December 2016

From Chuy many things were changed. For worst (prizes were even higher than inside country) and better because people took me a little bit faster. Maybe because I was…


Uruguayan Steppenwolf. Step 1.

By on 5 December 2016

Uruguay. I had simply plan for that small country – do a circle. First near northern, Brazilian border to ocean and after through beaches in the direction of Montevideo….