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El Salvador

El Salvador

Easter on sea level

By on 8 April 2018

25-26.03.2018. El Paisnal 76,4km /// 3044,12km
I come back from Honduras to El Salvador through same border which I passed in other way. And with same problems as then. Guys…

El Salvador Honduras

Peaks of Fog, Coffee, Flies and Absurd

By on 3 April 2018

11.03.2018 Somewhere on road from Suchitotot to Aquilares 30,7km /// 2533,02km
After few mountains, finally I reached Suchitoto. But before I came on main square I walked on terrible roads. All…

El Salvador

El Salvador in hammock

By on 25 March 2018

28.02.2018 Jocoro 33,4km///2346,02km
I knew that in El Salvador is more weapon than books in libraries. But I never thought, that I gonna start fight on knives. And on border….