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Hitchhiking across South America. What and how, where and for how much.

By on 15 October 2017

International airport El Dorado in heart of Bogota. It’s 22:53. Body of iron bird, which gonna take me over Darien Gap (160km of virgin jungle) gonna take off tomorrow…


History of first stone with sour cabbage in the background

By on 2 May 2017

From San Pedro de Atacama to Argentinian border are leading two roads. On maps, they are looks like spider legs. One leg is going through Piedras Rojas to control…



By on 24 April 2017

After 283 days of travel I came to Cachi, small village in Andes in northwest Argentina, and I made for what I left my home with backpack – I…


On Ice Trail, or in sneakers through Andes

By on 27 January 2017

Ushuaia is example of Hitchhiker’s Funnel. It’s easy to go there because cars from whole over the world is run down there, but it’s extremely difficult to leave that…


Ushuaia! End of the World!

By on 17 January 2017

How everything started? Far, far away, in 1520 under full sails Magellan went really close south edges of South America. Above one from islands he saw glow of fire…


Coca, wind and Tierra del Fuego

By on 12 January 2017

I have science proof that I’m wild.
That was when I went walk on mountains in sneakers. And it’s strange mountains because mostly private (how mountain can be private?!) and without…


Christmas over Tropic of Capricorn

By on 3 January 2017

A lot happened since last post. I learned…
… how to drive Ford Falcon from 1975. First stop after Buenos Aires I made in Mercedes. There is completely nothing to…


Explore South America with Backpack: Buenos Aires

By on 1 January 2017

Almost week in Buenos. Now you can watch how that Aires or “ciudad de la furia” looks like 🙂


In Buenos Aires real tango you can dance only on roofs

By on 16 December 2016

From Uruguayan border to Buenos (or more to his suburbs because around Aires like a mushrooms grown a lot of small cities) I went in quick time with two…