Brazilian Chicago

By on 28 September 2016

Propably you can’t find place in Brazil without polish signs. But in Curitiba there is even to much of them. Live here around 85000 to 300000 people with polish background. Mostly they came here on the beggining of XX century with big emigration wave from Europe. And we made a city for our needs.


Curitiba – safe port for every traveller


I could see nothing in that city but I need to know how people ride here on bikes

There is a reason why that third most green city in the whole world have name of “Model City”. About local transport system I heard on my university, a lot of green giełda, even homless are organized and more kind. It’s not a suprise that 99% of citizens are happy (I’m wondering that even homless). We have here Polish newspaper and organizations. On cementery a lot of graves have Polish names and on streets you can easly find Polish shops. You can buy appless in “Vladyslav” shop and things for Home in “Valdemar” shop. “Tades Rei” sell dumplings made on Polish receipe (but prize – 15zl for 3 pieces – made that I couldn’t try It organoleptic way). There is small foret with name of Polish Pope with a Polish antique buildings museum. Thats funny because there should be buildings from the beggining of XX century but I felt like in normal Polish villiage.I’m not sure that in Poland we stop in time or here they try to lie tourist 🙂



Polish dumplings and doughnuts



Even on cementery you can find a lot of Polish names


Even after się people want to get higher and higher. Sometimes I felt like in Ikea Shop in part with wardrobes.



And sometimes I didn’t know that I still in cementery or in a castle or ancient teample.



I also found real pyramid of faraon! Maybe on desery in Egipt there is not enough place and they need to put bodies down in Brazil


Even after death you can be proud of your kids 😉


Polish bosque






I found there familiar faces – Polish kings!

First night in front of legendary Museum of Oscar Nemeyer! I dreams to see It since many years. Because I slept few meters to architecture treasure I camp my tent as good as I could.


Because I slept realy near of building of architecture master I put my tent best that I ever done





I need to have picture with my sensei 🙂





That city is full of interesting buildings


and interesting monitoring in shops 🙂

I learned that before camping i should check ground for ants and other Bugs. Now i knew that I should also look for opera singers… I camped near some wall, calm, steady, normal city noise. And suddenly I hear many voices singing with orchestra! I thought that angels are singing and Armagedon is coming. But no, on the other side of that tiny wall was a stage where that night was musical for free and all audience sang together with actors 😀 and then I’m coming from behind the scene directly to front of audience. I was sleepy, disheveled, with sleeping bag on my shoulder because was co cold, and not so good weared shoes. Everybody looked me as I would be a part of show. Maybe If I would say something in Polish they could gave me an applause? 🙂


How can I didn’t see so huge scene?

But that was only beggining of meeting with art. On every sunday morning you can go for “Feira do Largo da Ordem” giant market where you can buy everything from statues of piranhas to backapcks made from cows leather. If you are tired you can eat something in one of many points with local food or with fresh squized sugar cane.


Way of preparing juice from sugar cane is very simple – you just need small engine, two rolls and thats It! You put sugar cane from one side and it’s going out completelly squized from the other. And you have cup full of happiness 🙂

And in the middle of that, in small park where band played and people had fun with whole family I saw her – Julia. She was there with her theater in tiny box. You can look inside and Julia will make in front of you real art by big A. When she heard about my trip he proposed me her Home! In that way I had roof over my head for 4 days and what is most important I met a lot of people who make art. Musicoans, actors, writers, filmmakers.During my trip usually i met those “small one” – street sellers, workers, homless – because I’m one of them. That are really great but I missed art like an oxygen. First time during my trip when I said that I’m from Poland I heard not only Karol Wojtyła and Boniek but also Szymborska, Grotowski, Kieślowski and Komeda! Thank you once again Julia!!! And please never change 🙂


Julia with her theater


Familly picture 🙂

But I was hungry of film until I met Marcos Stankievicz – manager of Cinemateca of Curitiba. When he heard that I’m from Poland and that I made a lessons about cinematography he wanted to show me all building – from cellar to roof 🙂 If I would be there one month before they could gave me a job as a teacher, but because was to late he just gave me a lot of gifts, high-five and promise that one day we can meet in light of cinema screen.


I needed to see “backstage” of cinema


I felt there like a kid! Kid with projection machines from 1920!


With Marcos – owner and good soul of that place


And even I could see “Solaris”. It’s always good to see movie of Tarkowski on Big Screen.

Last day of summer is obligatory fire. First one on eukalyotus tree and bamboo. I didn’t made It like Winnetou and collected so much Wood that next day i heard when someone talked about some giant fire in the Forest 😀


Evwrybody always said to not to go to market when you are hungry. But all that things finally landed on fire (and inside my stomach)


I’m sitting in front of patrol station in front of supermarket. And suddenly I’m hearing that someone is playing on trombone! Marcos had 25 years and wanted to play in philharmony. Some time ago he played near that supermarket to earn some cash for new instrument in Paraguay, but because manager didn’t liked his music he change place on other side of road. And since that moment he’s coming there everyday and just play for happiness of drivers (and anger of manager).


I told him to not be sad, we can do real show. I started play on old Basket, he played on trombone. Propably never that small city heard more weird band but people started to gave as money! We earn around 30 reales and all of course took Marcos for new trombone 🙂 and I went to Foz do Iguacu!