October 2017

Colombia Panama

Steeplechase from Colombia to Panama

By on 28 October 2017

I rolled into Bogota like a new king. Everything because my driver put whole his huge speakers inside cars on full power, and he changed our car in mobile…

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Paraguay Peru Uruguay

Hitchhiking across South America. What and how, where and for how much.

By on 15 October 2017

International airport El Dorado in heart of Bogota. It’s 22:53. Body of iron bird, which gonna take me over Darien Gap (160km of virgin jungle) gonna take off tomorrow…


Good, bad and crazy

By on 7 October 2017

From bushes outside of Medellin took me few cars and finally Roberto, 26 years old driver who is working 10 years as a truck driver (???). He told me…