Road to Rio

Chasing the sunset – road to Rio part 2

By on 3 August 2016

Together with old coupe we gone through meadows in rhythms of local hits. I decided to change my plans and not go to Metz (where I decided first to go) but to go with them to Strasburg, where they left me on giant parking lot. Parking maybe was a very big but with catch anything I had a giant problems – every truck drivers went to Germany or Netherland, cars were full or drivers didn’t want to take me (because of terrorist attacks in Nicea?) And there I felt a proof that it’s good to volunteer world because If good things are going back to our life, than my whole volunteer services in rain and snow, just came back like a 30kg bag directly from sky 🙂

I tried few hours to find something to South of France. I started recognize drivers, they me too, even staff of that station started treat me like a furniture. I searched, I asked – everyone goes in different direction. Than i see some guy from Germany, so I tried and ask him that maybe he will take furniture from patrol station only few km further. He can’t speak English so his wife came, and than i realize that they have 2 kids and whole back full of different staff. “That’s all” I thought, nobody will take me in that condition. But than they told me that they are going to… Spain and I can go with them!

In that way started our trip through… 1579 km! They repacked and fit my giant backpack. They gave me water, cakes, chips and juice. I got figs, apples, cold beverages and hot coffee. Even blanket and pillow. We ate together homemade dinner and breakfast! Questions If I need anything, If everything is ok, If music is ok. With kids we practice English, play games, have fun with GoPro. They gave me even music which we listened during ride 🙂 It’s hitchhikers heaven!

13668922_560064574175528_553274921711863754_oThree brothers on the back sit of our car 🙂 These two are future music stars, believe me that some day we will hear about them 😉

But after accident in Nicea most important talks I spend with wife. We talked about intolerance witch they feel because they are… Muslims! Before I enter car she told me that maybe to explain themselves, maybe to warning me. Or maybe because they’re proud of that. Born in Morocco, most of life spend in Germany. During that trip we made a Giant multicultural family 🙂

I would be very happy If I’ll meet only Muslims on my way. The real one for whom most important are love and tolerance, opened for world and not tried to change that world.

Nadia, Mounir, Anouar, Hani – thank you very much! You show me your big Heart and I’m giving you mine. Wherewhere I’ll be there will be your Home 🙂

Road to on South of Spain took me 2,5 days. It’s time for another dream. It time to met monkeys on Gibraltar 🙂