Road to Rio

Chasing the sunset – road to Rio part 1

By on 3 August 2016

Finally it’s a good time to write down everything down what’s happened during my road to feets of original Jesus from Świebodzin (we’ve also one in Poland and it’s… quite funny J ). Travel is started when you’re plan it, so my trip started one year ago but finally I worn backpack and left home at 14 of July Anno Domini 2016 around 14:22. With piece of homemade bread from my friends Asia and Adam and vision of tears in eyes of my mother I ran in way of sunset. First car I tried to catch near Gliwice in rain which will be my friend through big part of Europe 🙂

Finally someone had mercy and completely soaked took to south edge of Wroclaw where I catch (after the question “you don’t kill me?” and “why you have so military backpack?”) to center of Zgorzelec on board with Germany. Of course I need to listen warnings against “Pakis” who dog life of local community. I didn’t say anything just said thanks and leave him somewhere in center. I had a heavy backpack full of (because I’m a poor polish traveler J ) cans but finally I came lumbering to market where I found WI-FI (which searching will deciding about of my whole trip. That’s how it to be a nomad in XXI century J ). When security turned off lights to say me that they’re closing I went to petrol station where I had a appointment with track drive who should take me directly to Spain. Last beer on polish land and first night under tent (first night and I broke a stick! But this tent I have 8 years so it’s not so young).

IMG_20160714_213750Rain, rain, rain through whole Europe…

That wasn’t the best morning – first my driver told me that he couldn’t take me because his plans has changed, than probably through whole Germany I’ll need to fight with heavy, monsoons rains, and, what is the worst, I heard about terrorist attack in Nicea. Maybe I was selfish but I thought that maybe people in France will not want to take me? Alone man with army’s backpack?

Anyway I started and car I found in few seconds – I walked with cartoon “DRESDEN” and some German driver must saw me on road (what with my backpack which looks like small house wasn’t difficult J ) and he proposed that will take me to Dresden! Bulls eye! It’s much easier to catch something on patrol station than directly on highways (what I found during my next travel through Europe) so I jumped out on one of them. To that moment I always didn’t like to walk to persons and ask them if they take me somewhere. I always thought that it’s so offensive because when I’m standing on road with cartoon I can found only this drivers who want to take me. But jitters passed by and through rest of Europe I tried to catch only in that method.

IMG_20160715_172428Somewhere on road to France

One of the drivers told me that government announced the Decree for citizens to not takes hitchhikers o.O Sounds like shit! But fortunately generally peoples don’t care about that kind of things and with next drivers I went to… Kaiserslautern. I’m going to highway and suddenly I see police on horizont. I see my souvenir in euros, but they only passed by! But when I finally catch a fast car I didn’t think that I will see this police guys another time. Next meeting was with sound of sirens and blue light. I’m giving them my ID (when he read my personal number i thought that his saying coordinates for artilery „Nojn, acht, null, fiia, ajns, ziben. Fire!”), they put me inside and we are going to middle of nowhere. I thought about police station or souvenir in euro but they only brought me to the city and told to don’t do it again.

I tried to escape from there few hours and finally came INCREDIBLE Christopher Kragl. He show me cafe of his friend, gave me fantastic apple cake, show his beautifull city Saarbrucken and even put me directly on boarder with France! Dude, you’re incredible! Thanks a lot once again and remember that we need to meet somewhere in South America 🙂

13669641_559698214212164_827976294494709761_nIn hell for hitchhikers witch turned in paradise

13707673_559698250878827_9147280567617215397_nSaarbrucken, city of one river and thousands bridges

13700173_559698340878818_3588205818946057115_nFood porn. Best Apple cake in best cafe

13692669_559698300878822_6114918439831115237_nBest bread only on saturday Market!

13692613_559698380878814_285084356905073777_nIncredible man, guide in Saarbrucken and liberator from hitchhikers hell 🙂 thank you very mich once again and see you soon!

Last driver in Germany literally fall down in front of me. When I waited for someone I saw an older lady who fall down on stairs! I offered first aid kit and few minutes later together with French hits in speakers we went together to meet a country full of wine.

In next part how to travel over 1500km in one driver J