Road to Rio

Chasing the sunset – road to Rio part 3

By on 3 August 2016

Incredible family through me on quite huge petrol station before Alicante. Farewells, hugs, tears, smiles. What a great family! Through whole road I wandered what can I give them as a gift. They showed me that they have big heart, and I want to give them my heart. So I gave them piece of my heart, piece of Poland. Before I left Asia and Adam gave a piece of homemade, traditional polish bread, so I gave it them.

When they left me there I went to restaurant, which is on road of whole Muslims to Morocco or generally on African land. I saw a funny situation when autobus full of Muslims came from nowhere and from nowhere also came a lot of cars which took them to nowhere. To ports? To Malaga? I talked with one of hauler with penetrating blue eyes in contrast with ebony skin but he didn’t want to share with destination of that cars. That place transpired very difficult to find something – again! From patrol station chased me out employee, because “here is monitoring, and you can’t catch here” (one old camera and probably nobody cares about it). In restaurant situation was also not so good – not so many cars and everybody is going in different direction. I’m trying to catch something on highway. I found giant piece of wood, so I wrote “MURCIA”, walked in 40C and when I putted down my backpack and then last polish beer felt down – my “drink of victory” which I thought to drink on Gibraltar. Can burst so I drank it hot on verge 🙁


Another time motorized guards of law came on horizons so another time I had to came back to patrol station. Sunset was very close and I thought to stay that night on patrol station. I don’t care about warning of that guy from patrol station I asked another persons and even I didn’t realized that I’m talking with guys from England who told me that I can go with them! Before I went inside they told me (I don’t know maybe to warning me or encouraging): ‘But we’re smoking hashish. Do you want to smoke?” 🙂

IMG_20160717_183450Two english guys, dog, me and fumes of hashish in road to Malaga

In fumes of absurd we came together few km after Malaga through west coast. Theirs car was like a pharmacy on wheels – they had probably every kind of drugs! Like in “Las Vegas Parano” 🙂 I was scared to take salt shaker because you never know that inside is salt or cocaine 🙂 I left them near great campsite but I decided to stay during that night on beautiful beach with view on my dream – Gibraltar. Cold beers, Pringles and hashish which they gave me and night under thousands of stars.

IMG_20160717_212132Mandatory set

Another day and another tries of catching something and I met Igor – Russian guy who lived 8 years in England and worked with polish workers so we could complain in polish 🙂 He left me nearby bus station but when I saw a prize for tickets to Gibraltar I decided to go there in traditional way. So I took my backpack and in incredible heat I went to patrol station.

There I met Jose, old guy, who traveled around whole Europe and he told me that I can’t find here nobody. When he went inside I just asked some beautiful girl if she can take me near Gibraltar. And in that way we went together 🙂 She told me something about work in Costa del Sol and how disgusting are tourists. After that I jumped to local bus, paid 2euro and went in boarder between Spain and England.

In next part few words how I ate breakfast with Queen and slept sticked to giant pumice.