By on 19 September 2016

From Ilha Grande where track me something who looks like a giant animal and 6 types of rains I run very very fast. I left animal on the Island but unfortunately rain came with me. He was a witness when I cought my first motorbike on hitchhike (I wrote that on Facebook ) and then a couple who gave me a lot of green things and leave me on beach where I should camp (during It they buried car in sand 🙁 ).

And because there was a Marina I had a thought during watching a boats of rich people. Usually people have to big speakers for theirs boats. I saw (or more I heard) a boat small like a nut with small engine, one man and a GIANT speaker! My tent almost waves because of bass. It was so huge power that if found iceberg can crush It!


Watching rich people on boats with giant speakers

Next – actor of brazilian movies, lower, Skipper, skuba diver, race driver andd writer in one person left me in Paraty, so colorfull city that looks like colored by kids. And there I had rendez-vous with… ants. I’m camping on beach where it is prohibided. Yeah…


And suddenly I’m fealing that something is bitting me. I fought that maybe it’s some bushes but after that I felt that also on my second leg! When I looked down I saw around houndred smallest ant which i ever saw! But that was so painfull that I gave a little show for folks from villiage when I jumped few minutes to put them down. But that was nothing. in the middle of night bit me a one BIG ant. Biggest which I saw. 10sec I tried to kill them by my shoe! Since that moment I always looking ground before camp. You never know on whos house you can put your Home.











Last multitask driver told me something about hippie villiage with 50years history. But I had doubts to go there because I made only around 100km from Rio! So i decided that fate will decided for me 🙂 and my fate in person of wonderfull couple which went directly to that place decided – we are going to Trindade! Even that there are most wonderfull beaches which I ever see (and I’ve been on many in Brasil) that there is nkt so many from hippie time. People smoke a shovels of marihuana, they have colorfull clothes, love animals but there are only fumes of that magic time. Even that the place is great and it’s another proof that Copacabana is the worst beach on the whole world 🙂



During our trip to Trindade we saw other hitchhikers…


and strange ad…


but finally we came to 1971!









Flavia and Julianna – two amazing girls. We met all the time in diffrent places. Maybe finally you will love hitchikking, you will grab your bacpacks and travel through South America. I cross my fingers for you 🙂 and see you soon!

Couple which took me to Trindade went near Sao Paulo the same road which I wanted to go, BR101. They agree that I can come with them and in that way we spend together 8 houres on mountains road. And even they gave a free meal! Thank you very very much once again 🙂


Next day I’m going almost 10km because i don’t want to spend 4 reales for bus. Everything looks nice – there is wind, sun but step by step my backpack is much more heavy and I’m starting thinking why I didn’t wanted to but bus ticket. After few steps I know that. I started to walk through banana farm! Mostly their were cut but I said that I need find one directly from the tree. And when I start picked I picked bananas for dinner and breakfast for next day! I ate it so much that I felt like a barrel. Few steps later I saw a płace which looks like from one of travel TV series which I saw in TV. That was factory where banas was preapered to send to Europe. I met a chef of that place, we started talk, I asked hin about many things, but after that we start practice. I took equipment and started my first day on banana farm. Yes my professors, I have master diploma and I working on banana farm 🙂


Road looks very hitchhikers but there was nothing since…


I saw bananas! Mostly there was cu but…


i found my tree 🙂 I picked like a crazy when someone could see me there probably coild shot, but we have only one life 🙂

img_20160915_132346I found there straight old railroad. Could you imagine better place to eat breakfast?

And it’s not so simple work. First – knifes are extremally shape and you need to watch to not cut finger with banana. And you need to have a lot of power because during one day you need to prepare even 1 tone of banas! I do my best, I cut like in trans and bananas just fly around (without fingers). I don’t know how many bananas I destroyed but boss when saw my involvement (and sweat on face) said that when I will come back from Canada I can work with him 🙂 and of course as a paymient he gave me… bananas!


My workplace. Small but my boss said that it’s the biggest one in that region. Proces of preparation bananas is simple. First comes trucks with fruits. There is also railroad but that didn’t use It since many years.



Guys stuff bunches of bananas on special olied hooks. It’s much easier to move It.



Few baths filled by water/and fixative. It’s depends If their will go to Europe or local market. 


My equipment. Special knife and hook to cut bananas from bunches. They use hook also to take bananas from the water.


Prepared are packing to boxes and standing on markets (and later to drinks)


Me and my first bunch of bananas. Then was smile and fun. Later were only bananas.


I made only few bunches and guy next to me done this thing 🙁 i asked about accidents. Boss said that you can recognize who is working on the farm because don’t have few fingers…


And now I can hitchikke 🙂

And day when I came to Curitiba was like a Christmas. First I met a driver who gave me giant breakfast, and left far far away, and after second who pick me up from place where nobody will stop, gave me another meal (and even breakfast!), but he had amazing CDs and we talk all long way about absurds of living in Brazil. Thank you very very much!



And because I met three amazing people (and one farm plantation) during 3 days I spend only 11,89 reala! Thats a proof that you don’t need on that kind of trip a lot of cash but only lucky to met beautiful people 🙂

With lucky is funny thing, because one day there is and second no. Something happened with my laptop and I need to repair it, so my cash will dissapear among my fingers (or more keys). In the mid time I have few days to explore Curitiba and see that “ideal city”.