Over the hills and far away was… a stone

By on 10 July 2016

But… what’s going on here?
Well, thing is simple. My friends brought me a lot of stones from all over the world, from places which (in their opinion) I should visit. From incredible sites, not only visually beautiful but definitely breathtaking and stimulating. From unobvious, magic, thought provoking sites which are often far away from well known tourist tracks. National parks, glaciers, giant factories sites, world’s largest crossroads, small markets and orphanages. They document exactly where they lied (some of them even gave me a geographic coordinates!!!) because… I want to put that stones exactly in the same places πŸ™‚

I already have big fistful of stones, so it’s good time to quit job, say goodbye to friends and family, and homesick stones get back to their places. First jump we’ll do through Big Water. In mid-July I’m going to Brazil where I want to use my voluntary hands and help during Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. But real adventure will start after that. In very low-cost way, with backpack and tent, sleeping in bushes and houses of couchserfers, taking odd-jobs in hostels and organic farms I want to go to Tierra del Fuego – south edge of South America – and through west side to Arctic Circle in Canada. Probably it’ll take 2-3-4 years or maybe whole life πŸ™‚

Everything what I’m gonna put here is my personal diary – for me (to remember what I did and to find power in difficult moments), my family and friends (to know where am I) and for you of course, maybe my story will inspire you to quit job and make your dreams come true πŸ™‚