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By car, boat, on foot. We are carrying Christmas for kids!

By on 13 December 2017

1.12.2017 Boquete. 28,5km /// 529,54km

On road to Boquete I found perfect place to stay for night in Caimito village. Church with roof and tap water, and on playground next to it socket! I charge my mobile phone and as always first came kids but later also elders with gifts like for conquistador – oranges, jam, bread and information, that neighbor have Wi-Fi without passwordย ๐Ÿ˜€

That mountain gonna kill me!

2.12.2017, Boquete. 47,2km /// 577,14km

My holidays has ended and started my private Golghota. All time, changelessly straightforwardly up the hill. More I liked to pointed eyes into ground than to brake every time when I looked up. And that damn wind! With every step forward stronger BLOW into my eyes. And cheers on cake – storm clouds. So like a Sisyphus I rolled my trolley and make avoidances before first drops of rain. I felt like in sauna and I had enough time to think what to do with trolley before attack on volcano Baru. I could camp somewhere and next day at morning looked for some shop where I could put trolley. In that way I could safe cash but lose necessary time to hike before rain. Or I could buy night in hostel, leave that all things and in midnight start hike. That option won and after 3 hours of sleep in bed I moved on trail.

In middle of nowhere I found local radio station. In HUGE parcel, tiny building ๐Ÿ˜€

Volcano Baru! I comming to/on You!

For God sake! Why I decided to hike 21km on top of volcano? I should sleep!

I can’t describe how difficult was. 21km from city to top on terrible trail. In he’ll there is a special place for those who made trails with that kind of small stone’s dust. As long I hike I never had been so tired on top as than. Completely dizziness, my legs closed like in scissor, and I still needed to jump on some damn rocks. But it shouldn’t be surprise if first time in my life I hiked on 3475m almost from sea level. Thankfully view on Pacific from one side and Carribean Sea from other was like heal on wounds.

When I walked down passed me some local guy in sandals and without water or food. Than I really felt like looser ๐Ÿ™

From National Park I rolled after sunset and once again I passed empty cash. There was information that foreigners need to pay 6$ so I didn’t asked anybody if cash is always closed or I just had lucky, but I run as quick as I could down to hostel. Of course as quick as my wooden, full of pain legs let me. And in hostel surprise – tube in my trolley was flat. I had plan to stay there only for one night but tube’ s fate decided for me. That’s why I spend really nice time with hostel’s stuff and other backpackers. City, besides destroyed side road which can brake tires, have completely nothing interesting. Over balk there is also other trail, some German guy told me that most famous in Panama, but still I had wooden legs like Pinocchio and I could walk properly. So plan for another trek disappear.

Best hostel crew ever!

4.12.2017, Caimito. 26,07km /// 603,21km

Road from Boquete thankfully was all-time downhill but pain of legs hold down speed and pleasure of coming down. Another time near church and first time with spaghetti prepared in my own potย ๐Ÿ™‚ย I need to eat more and because food probably never gonna be so cheap like in Peru, so I decided to prepare it myselfย ๐Ÿ™‚

Strong Tower Church. It’s incredible what people can imagine ๐Ÿ™‚


There is nothing better after mountains than warm food!

5-6.12.2017, Santiago. 15,27km /// 618,48km

I’m rolled down to David in good mood when suddenly – BANG! My tire almost blown up! I bud with trolley like with battering ram on other side of some bushes when I embed … 7 bristles! There was no sense to repair it, and complaining why for God same I didn’t bought supply, I started to push my trolley to city. I walked from one shop to another but nowhere that didn’t had tube for 16″ wheel. And suddenly someone is shouting on me from car. Igor, Mariana, and Miquel which first time I met in Coronado and after 4 times on road! Best roadside assistance ever! We put trolley on back of pickup and everything happened really fast. We found tubes, fulfilled stomachs with fried chickens and beers, found place to stay for night in David, but Miquel have as proposition to move back in car to Santiago and stay there for night. That what I walked 7 days now we passed in 3 hours and we sleep under roof in Miquel’s friend home! Crazy day! Miquel have as proposition to go next day to some school up in the mountains to prepare for kids meeting with Santa Clouds. We looked fast on Igor and Mariana and shouted together: ” Let’s do that!”

Maybe I should more look under wheels and not on so preaty views to not collect all bristles on my road ๐Ÿ™‚

Best roadside assistance ever!

School is located in Nancito village. First we went 2 hours in car to power plant on Tabasara River. There guard took our names and slowly we went down with our pickup to muddy cost. There we jumped into motor boat and found place where mountain’s hike started. Finally after 30 minutes trek across tropical bushes we had been on place. Same road every day make only teacher who teach there kids from 1 to 6 grade including 2 deaf-and-dumbs with epileptic. Titanic work! 26 kids also don’t have easy to reach school because most of them need to walk or ride on horses even 2 hours across mountains!

All school is two room’s building without electricity, second soot which where woman prepare meals and hole in ground as a toilet.

Already on place, brave fight for kid’s smile had make couple from Argentina which is going in theirs bus to Mexico and Uruguayan headed to same Mexico by bicycle. If we gonna as to them Igor, Mariana and me, we gonna have nice pack of travelers who met at the end of the worldย ๐Ÿ˜€

We prepared for them international football match, friesbe, Igor with Mariana made juggling show (with my small participation), and prepared piniata flooded gladdened kids with waves of candy. And gifts of course! I think that nowhere in Europe You can see so amazing happiness when kid receive gift.

They threw that knifes so close to me, from one and other side, that I coud only observe how my beard became shorter and shorter…

Later another time we came back to Santiago and spend long long time on stairs and talked about travelling.

7.12.2017. Paso Canoas. 56,6km /// 675,08km

Miquel once again took us to David. We say goodbye with Mariana, Igor and Miquel, but that tum without sadness, because probably we felt same – we met 5 times so we gonna another oneย ๐Ÿ™‚

Asphalt is running out under my feet and came to me idea that it’s possible walk absolutely to every place on world. Obvious? Maybe but when You will think to walk from Poland to China it gonna sound for You crazy. And for me gonna sound like a plan. I feel strong and determined. Carry on wave of confidence I sail under border’s bar with Costa Rica.

Advertising of butcher company. “From border to border. With family”.

Goodbye my yellow, american friends. See You once again in USA!

Local bilboard. White sheet, string, two stakes. That’s all!

Suddenly car stopped next to me and through open window I received bag with food from McDonald! I thought that McDrive work in different way. But who cares! That way is cool for me ๐Ÿ™‚

My kitchen, bedroom and garage in same place. And bus stop! ๐Ÿ˜€