A Bridge Too Far

By on 3 July 2017

Greetings from doorstep of Amazonia! And how I came on front field of that most intensive and dangerous jungle on whole earth?


From Cuzco I went by bus to first village, after that in taxi for free and than came my magic driver. Probably only one on that side of Big water who care about road rules. Much more than is necessary, that’s why in 40 tons truck we went to another side of mountains in crazy speed. 20km/h. That’s why we made 400km in 23 hours! In dark night, with eye of guys who know place, he show me whole whore houses and leave me in Nazca. City like city, nothing special, but people came here not to see city center. That place is worth to watch from air, because only from there is possibility to see GIANT lines, which makes incredible paintings. Or it’s possible to go, like me, on small tower, pay 3 soles not 200 dollars, and see part of paintings. I had impression that workers of that national park, walk there sometimes to make it more visible. And maybe they do that even by cars, because I saw really close to that lines characteristic lines of wheels…

With my very careful driver

Its national treasure here. You can find that lines even on coin in Peru

But for me even much more important was not what exactly I saw from that tower but what on that tower happened. Because there I met two friends who took me to the Icu, on the way they show me interesting places and gave me food in best restaurant. Magic! And finally came chill moment in Pisco. Place from where came legendary drink pisco. Is famous in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia but everybody knows from where in real came from. From Pisco in Peru!

I don’t know what I wanted to see there. Maybe small factories with alcohol? But what I saw there was completely different from what I supposed to see. City after huge earthquake which came here 10 years ago, is destroyed in half size. And other part looks like in lethargy. I asked people where I can drink traditional drink from that earth. “I don’t know, probably now You can’t do it”. Well, that was at 10 am, that’s why people had so surprised eyes. I waited few hours in loooong pier, where besides me was one fisherman and… hundreds of pelicans which flew like F16. Finally when they opened doors I drank one shot of that not so good vodka and I hit the road. With driver of cisterna (“I can’t take You. But… who cares. Hide on back. Here You have cookies”) I went to capital La Paz. When I went out side I received even 10 soles (that’s a journey! People want to pay to travel with me 😀 ). And I went through suburbs full of mechanic shops.

Someone haveadvertisement that hes a painter. I dont know that I would use his service

Veeeery valuable canned food


¨I cant take You, but who cares! I like to help people!¨

City made on me very modern impression! I think that is most European, but still South American capital city which I visited here. First night I spend in home of my from Couchsurfing. In real that was his hostel. But another night I wanted to camp somewhere. But another night I wanted to camp somewhere. I chose crossroad of highways. Place looked really cool. But at night came 3 guys and wanted to gave me peace of glass on my through.

If You are looking for someone You can just go to monitoring center and check whole security cameras:D

Grave of Pizarro…

… and analize of his bones. That things only in Peru!

Holy Trinity. Jesus, televison and Napoleon

I have some instinct, and when somebody is coming near to my tent I wake up. I had that also in this time but because I was sleepy, and inside sleeping bag, so when they opened my tent I saw shining stars on clear sky and two shining pair of shining. And in my hands I had nothing. As You know (or not) I’m must thin than fat, and I never want to fight. But I realized that when adrenaline is gush by ears I can move mountains. Or person over my head. We’re starting fight with blocked my right hand and his left one. But other of our hands are working. Guy on his right hand have glass bottle and want to cut my face and undercut my neck. I had free only one hand so I stopped whole attacks. Probably Enter the Dragon worked because in some way I knock out bottle form his hand. In the same time second guy is searching my things to find valuable things. “It’s nothing here!”. “So take all!!!!” shout those one who was on me. Shit! If they gonna take all my backpack it will be over. I tried to do something  but guy was giant like a door. I shout but of course nobody help me. In last though fat guy wanted to search my hoody. I had there knife which I didn’t took out (maybe that was good idea because if I could start to fight on knives, that post probably I could write only if in coffin I could find Wi-Fi). But they found what they looked for. My last US dollars which I had from Poland to use on some dangerous situation. They run away as quick, as they found cash. I put my hand full on blood inside toilet paper, I took my sleeping bag which was also full in blood, a little bit broken tent, and I walked to hostel. I was angry that I lost around 200 dollars, but when I think how everything was and how could be, I think that everything wasn’t so bad. It’s incredible how much people can find power to fight with two, big guys.

I found some hostel to spend there 2 days. I needed a little bit of time to rest. In meantime to Lima came my friends Kasia and Andrzej from “Where do You Bear?”. We changed theirs bus into disco place. What is interesting my friends met accidently my other friend Michał Adamus who I met in Boliwia. It’s incredible how travelers world is small!

With Kasia and Andrzej I spend one and half day with one night on edge of beautiful bay with colorful boats. We said goodbye around 500km on north from La Paz, in small city Santa, and we knew that on 90% we will never meet again (during our travel of course 😉 ). But I met there a lot of good, open people, girls from restaurant wanted to take pictures with me. But I had a little of fear. It’s nothing strange in that situation, right?

Can we take picture with You?

You can feel equilibrium in life. Jing and Jang. From Santa took me 70 years old Luchi, and his 43 years old Sandro Paz. They went exactly to… Tarapoto! That place where I should meet Wojtek and Seweryn from “Świat w 2D”. Together we went more than 1000km in 24 hours. I had a lot of luck when I met them, because I didn’t wanted to wait many hours on side road. I wanted to put anchor even for few days in one place. When we came to home of Paz family, I had idea to find place to camp near river. But suddenly Sandro told me that I can sleep in theirs home! Lucky day! I send there almost week. They gave me small room, a lot of food, drinks, they showed me a lot interesting places. We went together to small fishers village in the middle of nowhere, where I met guy who run marathons without shoes. People there gave us also bottle with local alcohol made with local herbs and trees. What a strange things! We went also for San Juan celebration. On two sides of small river sun wanted to catch whole small city. Absolutely everybody! Even police. A lot fires and grills had fire since midnight. Finally they almost organize me work! In hospedaje where we went, was also one high situated guy from government who work in education sector. He told me that there is possibility to work as a teacher of English in two private schools. But finally we realized that they have enough cash to “buy” volunteers from England… So I started plan B. I wanted to meet my frieds wojtek and Seweryn, to spend together few weeks and go together inside real jungle!