Indiana Jones and Lost Nazi City

By on 16 October 2016

All right things are seriously – I founded Lost Nazi City!!! Where Am I?! Everybody around me speaks in german language, and I buying rolls in corner of Rudolf…


Wild West in Paraguay

By on 11 October 2016

Exactly 370km from Asuncion on the trail (because I can’t name it road) from Concepcion to Pozo Colarado is a real Wild West. I came there by accident, my…


“Tranquilo, you are in Paraguay”

By on 6 October 2016

That was time to say goodbye to coffee Brazil and welcome world capital of mate – Paraguay. To border (or rather 3 borders because in Foz do Iguacu meet…


Brazilian Chicago

By on 28 September 2016

Propably you can’t find place in Brazil without polish signs. But in Curitiba there is even to much of them. Live here around 85000 to 300000 people with polish…



By on 19 September 2016

From Ilha Grande where track me something who looks like a giant animal and 6 types of rains I run very very fast. I left animal on the Island…