Ilha Grande or 106 beaches, 7 bays and 1 lake in tent

By on 10 September 2016

Here I go! First farewell with girls whose through all that time gave me a home. Rita and Jeni – two amazing women who was like a women for…


City of God without God

By on 5 September 2016

In City of God I spend month. Probably even year here is not enough to know that city but I saw it from different than tourist side. City Center…


Ouro Preto. Place where God went on holiday.

By on 3 September 2016

I started choked. Again. I came here to find oxygen and another time world was overwhelmed me. I needed to move out from City of God where nobody saw…


Bigos or how I found piece of Poland in Brazil

By on 21 August 2016

It’s obvious that In Rio was much more than Olympic Games. Also true is that after work I only dreamed about bed 🙁 But because I already made few…


Mission: Volunteer World

By on 16 August 2016

Dream come true! I had a mission to voluntary world and always I watched Olympics Games in TV. Now I’m part of it! But how I could work on…