Guatemala Mexico

Scaring guatemalan kids

By on 27 May 2018

20-21.04.2018 Malacatancito 77,9km///3773,82km
Road from Xela to border with Mexico go directly down. In mountain, switchback, covered from two sides with small houses should lead me 2500m down. But first…


Tajumulco. Flowers on top of the world

By on 6 May 2018

14.04.2018 San Antonio 42km///3569,42km
Saturday. Early morning. It’s best moment to leave huge metropolis which still sleep in alcoholic dream. Proof, that night was active I met after few seconds…


Flushing guatemalan sparrows

By on 28 April 2018

9.04.2018 No-name village somewhere on road to Xela, 34,1km /// 3420,32km
From first signs of dawn, I’m on my foot because kids will have lessons in classroom next to church…


Road with mango flavour

By on 15 April 2018

2.04.2018 Nancinta 37,6km /// 3243,92km
That time I left El Salvador without huge problems, and visit in window of Guatemala part, showed me how gonna be here. Full chill out!…

El Salvador

Easter on sea level

By on 8 April 2018

25-26.03.2018. El Paisnal 76,4km /// 3044,12km
I come back from Honduras to El Salvador through same border which I passed in other way. And with same problems as then. Guys…