Ecuadorian Indians, or punks in bowlers

By on 15 August 2017

In Tarapoto I left my backpack for two days, done whole Internet things and (after two months!) I talked with my mom. Calm because everything was cool in Poland…


A Bridge Too Far

By on 3 July 2017

Greetings from doorstep of Amazonia! And how I came on front field of that most intensive and dangerous jungle on whole earth?


From Cuzco I went by bus to first…


Sometimes sun, sometimes rain. About travel fatigue.

By on 19 June 2017

„You looks tired” told me Aneta when we met on Skype. I see my miniature and I see that even bad Internet connection can’t hide my feeling. Even that…


Lamas, stairs and offered wifes, or road to Machu Picchu

By on 15 June 2017

La Paz I left with my thumb up and I run into direction of border with Peru (but how fast i run really depended from kindness of Bolivian drivers….


From capital to capital on Bolivian death road

By on 2 June 2017

Last night in Patosi was like huge cold slap in face. In the morning I found on my tent not only hoarfrost but big patch of ice! That explained…